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    I was in Bath last week with a few hours to fill, so after I'd done a bit of touristy stuff I went into the Rohan shop there. I managed to avoid buying anything – I'm not sure I actually like Rohan stuff, though I do have a cycling jacket from a range they did a few years ago, and it is very good in waterproofness and breathability as well as being a shade of orange which is bright without being garish – but because the woman in there had given me a really clear explanation of what they mean by 2-layer, 3-layer and most confusingly 2.5-layer materials, I did agree to sign up for their newsletter with "special offers". I didn't realize they were going to send me a printed catalogue as well!

    So I've been looking at it with my son, who, being a teenager, is slightly more style oriented than I am(!), as well as being keen on all things design-related. He wasn't highly impressed by most of it, but... he made me squirt tea out of my nose by describing this shirt as "nipple rectangles"!

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    And the kicker is that there is no additional fabric under the pocket flap giving a direct access to the nipples. :D

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