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Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Chiseller, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Morning folks... Does anyone here use the new speedcross 5?
    1. I'm curious about how they say they favour a heel strike?
    I run on my balls but hike, sport walk on my heels.
    Just wondering if they don't work well for toe strikes?
    2. They say they're broader than 4's and then they do a 2e width... If you've got a pair, which width and can you compare them in fit to other brands?
    I'm more of a zero drop runner but remember I used to do well in speedcross. It was the width that made me sell them.
    I've had nowt but bad luck in picking some cushioned trail runners/walkers lately and can't afford the mistakes I've already made.

  2. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    Seriously :eek::D

    I had to pay good money for that treatment in Amsterdam

    I don't like Salomon footwear. so can't really help, (unless you want a Dutch phone number of course)
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  3. Ruddy

    Ruddy Hiker

    Hi Chiseller

    I don't have those Salomon's so this may not be helpful, but I just bought some Salomon Inari for trail running and climbing / hiking.

    I picked them as more protected toe box and bigger heel - might be worth looking at. I did the yorkshire three peaks the other day fresh out of the box and were comfy on heel strike.

    Decent price from Sportshoes too:

    You will need to size up as they do wear small - I'm normally 10 - 10.5 but got an 11.

    If you want to know more, let me know.

  4. MonkeyBusiness

    MonkeyBusiness Trekker

    You are in the hands of the Salomon Gods when buying Salomon goods.
    I've had two 4D GTX boots which were completely different size 10s.

    (I've also returned 3 pairs of Salomons because the quality is utter *****. However they are happy to replace every 6-8 months)
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  5. William.K

    William.K Trail Blazer

  6. Mountain Mackem

    Mountain Mackem Trail Blazer

    I run in the Speedcross 4s. I heel strike and have a fairly narrow foot and they work well for me. I would imagine the 5s are similar? Can you not get somewhere to try a pair for size and fit? Always risky buying shoes without trying them on.
  7. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    The 5's are supposedly slightly wider than 4's and the 5's are available in D fit or EE fit..... So should get a good phone signal on them :D
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  8. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    I always hate when they change things on a pair of shoes as the Speedcross are like gloves for my feet...perfect fit in every way. No other shoes fit like them for me and give me all day comfort and no blisters. When a company changes a shoe design they may gain a few customers but they often lose some too because the shoe no longer fits the same. Why do companies fix something that ain't broke? I've never had a problem with the quality of my Salomon SCs...definitely worn them out though
  9. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    In full agreement :thumbsup:
    When they change width, drop etc, it may be better if they just renamed them. I know there's a lot that prefer the 3's to the 4's.
  10. Stumpghes

    Stumpghes Summit Camper

    1. 12mm drop. I think forefoot strike might be awkward.

    2. Toe box is wider at ball of foot than earlier versions but still pretty, though not as, pointy in the toes. Mid foot width was inadequate for me, with 5th met shaft spilling over the side and riding up on the edge of the midsole. This was a bummer as I could live with the mild pointiness and everything else about them seemed great for fast, stable, adequately cushioned hiking.

    If you’ve not Neanderthalic midfeet, they might work great for your hiking.

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