Scottish Mountaineering Club journals 1890-1950 digitised

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    Just came across this post on Simon Richardson's scottish winter page:

    Endless tales of chaps and chapesses getting into all manner of japes and adventures in a time of real transition in the Highlands. A lot of really great reading. Not a silicon coated fabric in sight.

    Some great passages from characters I can hardly imagine really existed:

    "But alas! one says to me that the mountains find themselves most high; the cold makes enormous; and it is wanting me the great boots and the kilts, the ropes, the crampons, the clinometers, and the ice-hatchets, with whiches it is important that the passenger on the mountains to equip himself. Courage, Alphonse! I say to me ; I shall myself procure these chattels, and my comrades shall see that I am not below of my heroic ancestors of Scotland." - The Ben Lawers, by Alphonse de Macturque, 31-36, v. 6, 1900-1901

    Good stuff Alphonse!
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    Probably a few contributions from some on here...
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    Naah... Ross left eons ago. ;)

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