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    I've been meaning to post a hello message for a while but, what with creosoting the fences and various other self-inflicted displacement activities, never quite got round to it. Now it's raining, I'm excused, but in the meantime I have rattled up 40odd posts :sorry:...
    So, I'm a part timer train driver, part-time golfer, part-time skier, part-time outdoors dilettante.
    I started off in the scouts on a few trip to the Lakes some time in the late 70s. I then missed a very large number of years until getting back outside when the kids turned up as it seemed a nice idea to show them what a good time (!) used to look like.
    They mostly don't come any more, but I still do a few hikes, a few bike trips and the odd x-country ski trip every year.
    I've found the info on kit useful and enlightening, but the general chit-chat and information on good trips and places to go even more so.
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    Welcome out of the closet Dave :wink::thumbsup:
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