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    Am not saying it does, to be honest I don't know, but just see that a fold on a zip is prone to be more stressful than a roll.
    So got me wondering when seeing the vid, have I been worrying over nothing?
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    Not sure how new this Tagar is, but I haven't seen any reviews before.

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    Not for people over 5'9".
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  5. Lempo

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    Copied this from reddit.

    I am selling custom UL Bivy Tent - its my own original design and with your support I can bring it to the market.

    Pics + Verification

    Price $230 with worldwide shipping. Brand new, custom made. Accepting Paypal.

    You may remember me from my previous posts about the BivyTent 15.5 oz. Now I am offering a new lighter custom variant which is only 10 oz.

    • This is a fully enclosed shelter. It has inner door 70% fabric, 30% mesh. Can customize the door 100% mesh for 3 season use.
    • Fully waterproof seam-sealed
    • Tent mode sets up with 3 pegs (included) and 2 trekking poles (not included) in under 2 mins. Bivy mode instant sets up without stake or poles.
    • Material: 10D high thread count ripstop weave with double side multi pass calendaring, DWR and double side coated with sil/Pu to achieve 2000mm+ pressure rating.
    • You will need some groundsheet with it, (Needed with 20d floor also.) Polycryo groundsheet is 1.8 oz
    • 20D/30D/40D fabric options available as per your preference.
    • Condensation prevention I have added 2 additional vents in the peak to help with managing the condensation.
    • Condensation in single wall tent is hard to avoid. I have implemented a unconventional feature which will help reducing it. Its called condensation curtain.
    • Dimension for sleep area: 20inch width at foot end, 35inch width at head end, length 6 ft.
    Can be customized as per your height. For eg if you are 6’1″, I can make internal length 6’8″. I will also need to increase the height for you to sit inside which will require some redesign. Customization fee $20

    The back story:

    A hiker reached out to me about making a sleep system + shelter for her as she was planning to do a solo trans-Himalayan trip last March (until the lock down pushed her plan to later date). She had set the target weight for her shelter + her -5°F / -20°C sleep system to 4.4 lb or 2 kg (with upper limit of 4.8 lb / 2.2 kg).

    The solo quilt I make (rated at -5°F / -20°C) weighs 2.64 lb / 1.2 kg. That leaves 28.2 oz / 800 gms for the rest. She was looking into getting a similar bivy sack that another hiker had used for a similar trans-Himalayan trip he did last year. She liked it for its compactness and it being completely windproof and waterproof. But she was concerned about how to protect her backpack from bad weather.

    The project:

    I thought about her requirements and searched online for solutions. I came across a thing called tivy, a cross between a bivy and tent, and I used that as a jumping off point to design and create this bivy tent.

    It’s a super light solo shelter with vestibule, full storm and bug protection for mountaineering and fastpacking.

    • Ultra compact and lightweight (base weight of 8.6 oz) – can be stored in backpack side pocket for fast access
    • Plenty of head room for sleeping and it’s even possible to sit inside
    • Can be used as regular bivy without pole or as mini tent with 2 trekking poles
    • Dual vents held open by trekking poles helps ventilate the tent’s inside
    • With removable condensation curtain (adds 1.4 oz to base weight) – this curtain prevents condensation from forming inside the tent from exhaled breath moisture and from steam when cooking in the vestibule
    • Mini vestibule for cooking, storing boots and backpack
    • Built-in bath tub floor
    • Inner door is made from 70% windproof fabric (bottom) and 30% mesh (top) or 100% mesh
    • Complete bug and wind protection
    • Most compact floor space of any shelter in the market makes it ideal for mountaineering and camping in tight spaces
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    I'd love to see a pic. 10d is brave.
  7. WilliamC

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    There's a link to pics in Lempo's post. More a bivy than a tent, IMO.
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    It sounded okay but looked terrible when I opened the pics
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  13. FOX160

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    Yep all new, arrived this Wednesday. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for this, but yes at this moment Yama no longer ship internationally.
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  14. Lempo

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    You could always use a reshipper. I've done a 1-2 shipments from USA for a year with no issues.
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    I remember, I was looking at tent at the time and was chiming in with an idea of getting a custom Trekkertent.

    Comments on the original Two were that the inner doors were too small and cumbersome to use.
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    I see! Cracking choice of shelter by the way.. I wouldn't know which to give the "sexiest shelter" award between the Cirriform and the Cricket :laugh:
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    I do like the look of that :)
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    It's beautiful :thumbsup:
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    Very elegant shelter - a lot of curves so I guess it needs some very precise construction. I like the side opening; I'm always put off by the contortions needed to get inside a small front entry shelter like the Protrail as I'm not that flexible / agile!
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    They must have one hell of a deal with Dyneema to be able to afford to carry stock in all those colours.
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  24. DuneElliot

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    One of the biggest buyers outside of sail manufacturers
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    Oooh I like the brown. Where's that guy who was after a sexy earthy brown trailstar? (Trailstar still sexier but Plexamid catching up on the bend)
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