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Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by Ben, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Mole

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    You have to go by what works for you (in your experience). A panyam 450 would probably do me for Dartmoor winter camping, but no way would I risk it in higher hills/Scotland.
    My Alpkit pd400 is ok for overnight frost's , but I no longer would take it in winter unless very mild.


    400g of high fill power down/-3/-5C comfort rating (24yr old fit man) is accepted across the board by mainstream manufacturers/retailers as a 3season sleeping bag?

    600g down is usually rated 4season/c -10comfort
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  2. WilliamC

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    A 10m CCF should have been more than warm enough though a bit hard to pack, I would think
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  3. Whiteburn

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    But I'm a wimp :(
  4. liamarchie

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    3 stories of insulation and still cold!
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  5. tom

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    Interesting - I always had myself down as a cold sleeper because I rarely ever get too hot but maybe not...? 350gr of 850down, a fleece and a biwi to keep the wind out keeps me warm just below 0... If its goes much lower, I put a jacket and a fleece hat on...
  6. cathyjc

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    At 0c - I need 450gms of 900fp plus thermal baselayers + down troos, down socks, down jacket and hat.

    - I have to ignore all the folks who quote that they are 'toasty' in ***** etc. etc. …….We are all different. Need to work out your own parameters.
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  7. tom

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    Its also a boys and girls thing - we learned to always take an extra 100gr down for the prettier part of “us”...
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