Superfly or Thunderfly nylon or poly

Discussion in 'Hammock Kit' started by Chiseller, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Chiseller

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    Two questions...
    1. Any Thunderfly users? I'm thinking of parting with my superduperfly and going for a thuderousfly...the question is....
    1. sillypoly or silliernynlon?
    I like the idea of silpoly weight but am a fan of the silnylon durability....
    2. If you've had the superfly and bought or tried a Thunderfly are you happy with it ?

    PLEASE keep answers on topic, I'm not interested in other brands or models .I've been using Superflys for years.
  2. Jonnykernow

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  3. Jonnykernow

    Jonnykernow Trekker

    I got mine a few months ago, 20D in bushwhacker camo. I really wanted a HG Cuben tarp, but couldn’t afford it, and this seemed to be the best alternative.

    I’ve also go the superfly in silnylon and the Edge, and the thunderfly fits perfectly in between them. I’ve just got back from Malaysia/Thailand and it was superb.

    I do like the silpolly. it’s a bit more crinkly, but it doesn’t stretch or soak up anywhere near as much water. I don’t see an issue with durability.

    Absolutely Love the doors/Griz beaks, works really well with an eleven foot hammock, gives plenty of cover.

    I’m still using my superfly for winter, the coverage is a lot better, but The thunderfly will be out in the spring.

    I’m a fan of warbonnet, so I might be a bit biased. I suggest you keep both ;)
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  4. Chiseller

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