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Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by Gadget, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Thanks Graham, I hadn't actually noticed that it floated ☺

    I timed myself at taking over 3 hours on the baffles when my usual time is maybe 40min: it's a very strange crinkly and ultra slippy fabric, it is very light though
  2. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Having watched this video on YouTube i thought I would try and make one if these tefal mini chefs pans a bit lighter and more user freindly.

    I have not found lightweight fryingpans much use but then I have not tried one for years and times may have changed.

    Personally I would not be interested in it without a handle so I removed the standard handle and bolt.
    The bolt is M5 thread so an alloy bottle cage bolt from a bike fits perfectly.

    I am not entirely happy with the handle which I made by boiling an ikea kids plastic fork and bending through 90° while pliant then cutting and drilling. By using a 4.5mm bit and screwing the bolt home it is sufficiently snug that the handle can be detached by turning it.

    The handle I made weighs 14g Inc bolt so it comes in at 218 overall. Not ultralight but an option for those who want to cook some real food outdoors.

    Ideally I would like to find a 4' piece of alloy strip with a 70-90°bend in it that I can drill and wrap so any hints would be appreciated.





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  3. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    The bad news is that they are discontinued so in short supply. Waitrose kitchen have them.
  4. shetland_breeder

    shetland_breeder Ultralighter

    Groundhog/Y-beam peg hand insertion tool to stop the peg digging holes in my hand.

    Made from the packaging of a 10ml syringe (from an agricultural merchant).

    2.2g including the orange dyneema tell-tale.


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  5. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Frying pans are staple on longer winter trips where we eat more fried and high fat food. A handleless pan always gets taken.

    That's a nice shape too, looks deep enough to boil water in if wanted

    2 ideas for you;
    1 - Get rid of the handle and use pot grippers instead. You can get locking pot grips ;)

    2- Make a screw in handle out of wood. It's light, wont conduct heat and wont melt. If you epoxy glue a stainless/brass/titanium bolt into a drilled handle, it will do the job nicely
  6. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker


    1) Wouldn't a pot gripper scratch/damage the non-stick finish ?? - hence the handle.
    2) I agree my first thought was won't the plastic Ikea handle "be a hazard around flames".
  7. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    Eventually maybe but not in an area food is going to come into contact with much
  8. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    What Ross says Cathy. The bottom usually damages before the rim and the better quality pans don't suffer as much. There are pot grippers with rubber coated 'jaws' too. Esbit grippers have little silicone inserts (which dropped out and got Sugru'd :rolleyeses:)

    The Ikea pans are a doddle to sort, they take a lightly shaped stick rammed in the hole the plastic handles fixes too. ;) I like to carve a comedy 6 ft pan handle sometimes. :woot:
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  9. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Good point, I may even try a bamboo handle if I can find some that's sturdy enough.
  10. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Fresh from the shop.. DIY 550ml pot cone as per @Mole of the tabs snaped off so I'll use paperclip to hold it tight...

    Thanks @Mole for support and pattern...

    Dunno how to rotate image...sorry

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  11. Graham

    Graham Thru Hiker

    Insulated handles for my new Toaks Light 700ml pot using 4mm silicone aquarium airline tube (purchased on eBay).
    Also used on lid handle although this is a thinner gauge.

    EDITED: photo added plus a little 'guidance' (below)

    I used 4mm OD tubing because that's what I had left over from a similar job I did on an MSR Titan a few years ago. The Titan's handles have wider curved sections - doing the Toaks handle was a PIG, getting the tube around the tight curves.

    If you try this, I'd suggest working steadily a few minutes at a time. Bigger diameter tubing is available and would be easier to install but at least the silicone won't slip on the Toaks. My Evernew pots have oversized insulation, they would have been easier to install by Evernew but they do move around quite freely on the handles.

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  12. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    @Graham link to the Tubing source? Cheers
  13. Graham

    Graham Thru Hiker

    Sorry @slovhike I don't have the original Seller details as it was purchased over 3 years ago.

    Plenty of sellers on eBay though if you search for "silicone tubing".
  14. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Made a simple, square cut ultralight bivy with a drawcord closure at the top, predominantly for use with brolly. Base is silnylon taffeta in 0.6oz/y2 base, top is 0.5oz/y2 orange mesh, 0.5oz/y2 blue ripstop centre and a little bit more of the base at the foot end.

    Total weight 130g

    Terrifyingly thin and slippery

    I'll try to get better pictures up in Keswick this weekend

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  15. Gadget

    Gadget Thru Hiker

    Is the mesh hanging off the brolly?
  16. Graham

    Graham Thru Hiker

    That looks an interesting concept @Scotty Von Porkchop. Don't think I'd ever carry an umbrella but interested to hear how it performs as I've been thinking of a similar no-see-um mesh 'cone' attachment so I can sit up in my MYOG bivvy. Like the cord closure idea (keep it simple).
  17. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    @GadgetUK Yes, the umbrella is put up inside the bivy to lift the mesh away from my face

    @Graham the umbrella provides a small pretty cramped space but it's also wind and rain blocking I'm after, I'd like to here your bivy ideas though.
    I'm fairly new to the umbrella use but I really like the combo of hoodless event jacket with a brolly in the calmer rain and a sun-visor with tyvek hood (cut from a boiler suit) in the wind. If I.can get more use from my umbrella it'll become a staple
  18. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    That's light! How easy is it to fit around the brolly after you get in?
  19. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Yeah not too difficult really, just slightly cinch in the top and open up the brolly while inside. The slippery fabric base is much more of an issue TBH
  20. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    I like that too Scotty. :) Been thinking of a similar project but using the brolley as more of a weather blocker.

    Like a lightweight version of this;
    The flexible stay umbrellas are up to the job of seeing off a decent breeze.

    My biggest issue with it though is not being able to use the brolley in camp. If I've carried a brolley, I want to use it and prime use in camp when it's raining is as a "Poo-brella".

    If only they made flat-back Euroschirms.

    I think your solution would be great for tarp camping when it's buggy;It hadn't occurred to use the brolley to keep the netting of my face from inside.

    Infact, I wonder if it will fit in the head end of my bivvies?
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  21. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Removable shock cord top straps for my ULA Ohm.
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  22. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Well the brolly is a sort of weather blocker for when I use a shaped tarp.


    The handle is really in the way though, it would be great to have a break down brolly with removable handle that can then be used like your link. I have no idea how that could be accomplished though


    The bivy I made was very big and only just crammed in the standard lightweight brolly (I forget the name) so I doubt a standard bivy would take one. Maybe the smaller folding one?
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  23. Scotty Von Porkchop

    Scotty Von Porkchop Ultralighter

    Well I made a tent. The problem is that I cut and sew with little or no planning. This is the result...


    Salvageable I think, fingers crossed I didn't waste four hours, but I learnt quite a lot sewing it do not all bad
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  24. HillBelly

    HillBelly Ultralighter

    I use the silicon wristbands... you can get them cheap (and plain) on ebay. I have one round the top edge of my cook pot (when I use it to drink)
  25. Graham

    Graham Thru Hiker

    Man, have you chosen a complex shaped tent to take on as your first effort, I do like a steep learning curve myself :) but I'm probably too analytical :geek:

    I like the 2 pole / ridge design for the headroom it creates. Not a fan of steep sidewalls though, they just catch the wind too easily. If there's a v2 it might be worth thinking about more of a hexagonal design which creates small vestibules to keep the rain out of the living space when the zip is opened and for organising kit. My head would be continually brushing against the top panel unless it's longer than say 2.4m (if the poles are set at ~1.4m height)?

    I'd say you need guys at the top by each pole to pull the ridge taut and add some stability.

    The design is particularly tough to get right at the foot and head (have you put vents at each end?) as you need to get some tension into the top (darker fabric) panels while also maintaining the end wall shape. With this design, you'll need a strut IMO at each corner to help tension everything up and keep the shape otherwise when it rains, the material will sag and water would likely pool just above those lineloc 3's, even though the panel is quite steep. You can find short pieces of carbon fibre rod on eBay (used by model hobbyists).

    Good stuff!!
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