Sold TOAKS 750ml Pot/Mug and Flat Cat Snow Leopard stove set

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ElteeOberonus, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. ElteeOberonus

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    Used but in perfectly serviceable condition alcohol and solid fuel stove system from Flatcat Gear in the States. Includes a 750ml TOAKS Titanium mug/pot with lid, alcohol burner, Esbit burner (unused), stainless windshield, foil groundshield, simmer ring and the mesh stuff sack. Everything fits in the pot with room to spare even with a 400/450ml mug inside as well as a lighter, swiss army knife and condiments ;-)

    Reason for sale: this is more than I need for solo camping now. I'm downsizing to a 550ml mug and this is just going to gather dust.

    Price: £45. By Paypal please and I'll include the postage in the price unless you want the item tracked and then I'll add £2.50 :) IMG_20190906_151759.jpg IMG_20190906_151822.jpg IMG_20190906_152046.jpg

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  2. Robert P

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    This is good value for anyone who wants to try the Snow Leopard system. It is very expensive to buy from the US (mainly due to unusually high postage costs) as I found to my cost!
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  3. ElteeOberonus

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    Yeah I think I paid upwards of £85 with duties in total about 5yrs ago. It's a great little setup, thanks for the bump

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