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    Or ready for beddy byes.

    Washing anything, but the most vital parts, can be left off for days, if necessary..

    But night-time tooth brushing is non negotiable in my book, anywhere, and everywhere.:angelic:
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    I asked my dentist about an article I read recently, which suggested toothpaste was a pretty insignificant part of oral hygiene.

    She agreed, outside of particular needs, toothpastes main function is improving breath smell, fluoride supplement and giving a “fresh and clean” feeling (which we associate with the standard mintiness) which is really important in habit forming.

    Brushing technique, diet, regular flossing are much more important.

    I haven’t ditched it as a result, though I’ve been less worried when I’ve forgotten toothpaste recently and use significant less when camping (rationalizing it as slightly less environmentally hazardous)
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    Definitely, as with so much else of a physical bodily nature - technique, and attention to detail is everything :geek:

    Toothpaste is nice, but not in any way essential..
    Salt is a reasonable substitute, some say ash even, but I've never gone so far down that particular butch-crafty route.
    Plsin water will do.

    I've even got this 3d visualisation of the whole interior landscape of my dentition going on, when brushing..

    Almost as if envisioning it as a mini mountain range, that needs going over twice on all surfaces each time.

    OK, sounds a little overblown perhaps??

    But I've reached my prime (and here I'm staying :rolleyeses:) with nairy a filling in my head yet...
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    Illustrative of an UL, dehydrated toothypeg paste dot @Diddi?? :)
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    Poppy seed init.
    They always get stuck in mine.
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    Mine too. :frown:

    I'd stick to pumpkin.

    Pumpkin. :bag:
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    Yes, if you get a pumpkin stuck in your teeth, it's probably time for a serious visit to the dentist.
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    As opposed to a carefree easy going visit? :D
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    Pumpkin seeds - you pumpkin head :rolleyes:

    Strewth - this place is a nutritionists nightmare... :beaver:
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