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Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by el manana, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    I thought I would post this, theres not a huge amount of information online. As is the case with any outdoor gear that is not mainstream, buying is sometimes hoping it will match your aspirations.

    Trekkertent Phreeranger - Silpoly version. This is the "Trekkertent" version of the Phreeranger i.e. it has a rectangular inner, 2 entrances and porches (he also makes a Trekkertent Phreeranger which is a copy of the original; one entrance and pentagon shaped inner)

    I kept customisation to a minimum as i think in some cases that can impact lead times. I think the standard build is solid inner with mesh doors, i asked for solid doors with decent sized mesh vents at the top. I went for the Silpoly fly and upgraded the groundsheet to the 40D, apparently its twice the HH of the 30D and not as slippy, although i knew this would add weight.

    Setting up was an absolute doddle, needs 6 pegs and another 2 for the guylines. I havent fitted the guy shock absorbers yet.
    The pole slides in and out the sleeve really easy, doesnt stick at all.
    The Silpoly photos on the Trekkertent website are a much lighter/brighter green, not sure if he still uses it. I'm happy with this colour, i would have been happy with either.

    Really neat job and great attention to detail. Comes seam sealed.


    Looks like it would be great as fly sheet only set up

    Inner, mesh pocket at each end


    The 40D groundsheet is a lot less slippy


    Really like this, the mesh vents at the top are on the door and the inner, really neat piece of work


    Idea of the width, its 90cm wide so plenty space to get everything in the inner like i do.


    Idea of length - its 205cm long so about 20cm to spare and the walls are near vertical so space is usable.


    Roof of inner - maximum height stretches about 40cm along the top


    Peak at the rear porch, enough space for cooking enclosed.



    Two way zips which will be great for venting, the reinforced loop, cant remember what its for, will have to check the website, another way of venting iirc.


    All in the bag - 40cms long


    Overall, I'm really pleased with it. Attention to detail is superb. Looking forward to using it.


    Fly 473g
    Poles 201g
    Inner 400g (solid walls and doors and 40D floor)
    Tent Bag 14g

    = 1088g Total

    If you go for the 30D floor and mesh doors it will be lighter.

    Hope this helps
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  2. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    How long did it take to arrive from order date?
  3. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    I was given a 4 week lead time and it arrived in 5 weeks. Marc said the seam sealing was hampered by the bad weather.

    Ordering Nov-Feb and avoiding the summer rush is something i would strongly recommend.
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  4. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

    Fond memories of my original Phreeranger. Looks even better than the original and a good weight too. Jealous!
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  5. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    That's brilliant.
    Great weight too.
    Be interested to see how you get on.
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  6. SteG

    SteG Section Hiker

    I wonder if you can put some more photos up please , once you've attached the guy lines, to give us some idea of wind resistance. How many tie out points are there? It looks a great tent, i love the way the whole side opens up.I had a TN solar minor which did the same and miss that feature on my current tent.
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  7. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    yeah will do, theres 2 sets of guylines at each end so may need 4 guy pegs instead of 2 - if you use all i think they would be pegged at 45 degrees to the pole.

    I've seen some things online where they remove a set so only 1 guy at each end pegged inline with the main pole.
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  8. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker




    End guy pics as requested - they work pretty well (30mph gusting to 40mph). The cross bar is a bit bouncy in high winds. I've seen guy points on some Phreerangers on each end of the crossbar but they are not on mine.
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  9. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Quite like the venting tabs for using with the two way zips, creates a great through draft...


    Gixer would be happy with the views

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  10. SteG

    SteG Section Hiker

  11. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    Nice Tent !
    Great weight for a single person solid inner tent in this design.
    How deep are the vestibule’s and can you cook inside with the doors zipped up
    and what did it cost including the mods?
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  12. Imperial Dave

    Imperial Dave Section Hiker

    very good indeed El. Looks the biz and a really good weight.
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  13. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    The vestibules arent hugely deep but i could cook in it no problems. The porch was empty as all my gear was in the inner or other porch.

    It was just the standard price on the website - the only mod is solid inner doors rather than mesh.
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  14. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    Thanks @el manana They look roughly 60cm like the TT Rainbow
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  15. liamarchie

    liamarchie Ultralighter

    Looks great all set up properly.
    think you need those cross bars guylined in higher winds, could see the whole top section matching the slope of the side panels in higher winds
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  16. peregrino_tom

    peregrino_tom Trekker

    pics from last year of 1st pitch in park of Marc's custom Phreeranger with double zip on each side.
    20170309_154208_HDR.jpg 20170309_154219_HDR.jpg
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  17. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    The double zip is particularly nice :thumbsup:.
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  18. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    How heavy is that Tom? Is it Silpoly?

    Why did you go with that style?
  19. peregrino_tom

    peregrino_tom Trekker

    El manana - apologies for me not paying attention about this being a silpoly thread! My shelter is ordinary silnylon. I mentioned it on another thread before I acquired photo-loading rights. I should have checked that this was a different thread.
    I wrote then:
    I wanted the Phreeranger style opening on both sides like my old TN Solar Superlite 2.2 so I can lower the sides to look at the sky on both sides, but keep out the ground draft. So it has 2 zips on each side. It has an inner width of about 100cm i.e. wide single or for 2 people who know each other well. Marc recommended the 40d material over the 20 and I went with his advice. Consequently the complete weight for everything is just under 1.5Kg (without pegs). it has the straps to make it semi-freestanding, and these work OK. but it is very 'semi' as you still need to stake out the middle part of the tent on both sides (unlike true freestanders where two poles crossover and extend to the full width of the shelter on each side).
    One thing I'd add - the inner is great. The clip design works very easily and the end walls are really steep for max headroom. I like the way it's been thought out.
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  20. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    no problem @peregrino_tom :thumbsup: - the thread title isn't important. I only asked if it was Silpoly so i could guess the weight cost of the EB porches at both sides.

    I remember reading your post, I didn't realise at the time you went EB (double zip) on both sides, i thought you just meant Marc's standard double porch interpretation.

    I couldn't make my mind up about getting standard or EB porch (nostalgia), i was thinking of having one side EB and the other standard but i dont think Marc was keen. He probably would have done it if i pushed but i wasnt convinced myself.

    Looks great :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Renamed from Silpoly to Owners thread
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  21. peregrino_tom

    peregrino_tom Trekker

    Marc wasn't keen on the double EB idea to start with, but he humoured me. I think in the end he was surprised and pleased with the result and said he was thinking of offering it as an option more widely. I guess now he has the template that's easy enough. Cheers, tom
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  22. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

  23. Charles42

    Charles42 Trail Blazer

    Do you know the internal height of the inner in your Phreeranger ?
    not quoted on the TT site
  24. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    About 98cm high across 40cm of the inner roof.
  25. Charles42

    Charles42 Trail Blazer

    Thanks - that's very useful

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