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  1. Myles21

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    Thanks for the feedback. The Drift looks like a good option when the two of us are out and about (when she can carry it), but as you confirmed Mole, it's a bit much for solo use. Thanks for the photos Edh, that Notch is seeming better and better. At 5'7" (same as you I think?) I don't think I'd find it too claustrophobic. As with the Drift, I really like the option of opening it right out on both sides, or battening down the hatches.
    Although I'm really taken with the basic tarp idea, I'm a softie at heart and like being warm and dry (especially if I've been wet all day), so I'd just end up adding all sorts of extras with all the added weight. The openness of a tarp would be great on the continent perhaps, but at home in Scotland I'd be up all night shivering and fighting the gale/deluge/midges/ticks. The Trailstar however remains an attraction and I'll keep an eye out for a brown one (now Simon is keeping his:frown:). When I'm back in the UK I'll try one out.
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    Yes 5' 7" on a hot day :D
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    I'm 5'7" on a cold day...when I'm wearing a hat.
  4. el manana

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    Im a 5'11" Notch owner. Not a huge amount of extra inner space but porches are decent, for me, it doesn't feel claustrophobic. Food bag, stove kit etc fit down the side, clothes etc at the top and bottom. The only thing in the porch are boots, and empty rucksack (in the spare porch). Does have a bit of a tarpy feel to it. Whatever it's cons are, they are outweighed (no pun...) by the 800g all in weight.
    I've used it once in winter (snow) and wouldn't again, for the same reasons I probably wouldn't like a tarp.
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  5. Myles21

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    Notch owners - did you go for the mesh only inner or the mesh/solid wall version? Seems the latter might be better suited to UK camping.
    And Mole, have you used the Drift in wet and windy UK weather? How well do you think it'd stand up to Scottish 3 season use? I guess that since they're made in Scotland, "pretty well" would be the answer.
    Still thinking of some form of tarp shelter for solo use...
  6. Mole

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    Not used the Drift in the UK at all.
    But used in very wet and somewhat windy weather in Pyrenees.

    Probably taking it to Scotland in May, but hoping for dry, calm and sunny weather.... ;)
  7. edh

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  8. Roger B

    Roger B Summit Camper

    I am a long term user of the Notch, having used it in Lapland, as well as Sweden, Denmark and Australia. I prefer the solid inner for it wind protection. A great shelter which has seen a lot of use since 2012.
  9. Jamess

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    Definitely go with a solid inner for UK conditions.
  10. Franco Darioli

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    "I've used it once in winter (snow) and wouldn't again, for the same reasons I probably wouldn't like a tarp."
    I have used mine (mesh inner) several times on snow including some nights when it did snow and was happy with that but I was always close enough to a refuge to go in there to cook my food and eat. I could still prepare a meal under the fly and here it is where being able to un-clip the inner comes useful but I would probably be happier with the Scarp in doing that.
    Still I was much happier inside the Notch than one of my mates inside his hooped bivy, wiggling in and out of clothing in that thing is not my idea of fun or worse still the non hooped type that another mate has.
  11. CEves

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    Just to say that I own the Stealth 2 and I'm very happy with it.

    I managed to break the stitching around two of the plastic 'sticks' that hold up the bathtub floor on the inner (through clumsy novice pitching rather than a design fault). I offered to pay for repairs, but Marc covered it for free. Great customer service from my perspective.
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  12. Social Climber

    Social Climber Trail Blazer

    Just chipping in, only still used my stealth 1 a handful of times (winter is for larger 'mids) but I really really rate the thing. Set up correctly it's one of the most stable tarps I have ever used even in moderate snow.

    With a proper bathtub floor (which I now consider almost essential in Scotland over winter, spring and autum )a selection of pegs ,a couple of extra bungy cords and a stuff sack it tips the scales at 665g and takes up as much volume as a 750 ml Ti pot.Granted it's not a shelter with palatial dimensions but for a livable shelter to get some sleep in after a long day in the hills I don't think you cold get much better. I better watch, I might turn into a fan boy.

    The only other thing I would add is its just a shelter for sleeping in, at 185cm and 96kg I don't find there is much room to party! Having said that I got rid of the Laser Comp, the trekkertent to me feels like there is more space or the vestibule is more open, maybe it's just because my feet and head aren't hard against some inner....
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    Hi All

    Used the Drift 4 for the first time this weekend with the family (albeit on a campsite). So far so good except packing the thing in the field. The silpoly is slippery and billows a lot when we attempted to fold and roll it, trapping lots of air and generally getting into an untidy mess when trying to put it into the stuff sack.. This tent is relatively big, there's a lot of fabric to get in a small bag... I ended up just stuffing inner and outer in to the stuff sack like a sleeping bag.

    Any possible side effects?


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  14. Mole

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    Thats what I've always done with tents unless built in poles make me roll them.

    Not an issue IME
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  15. Davy

    Davy Thru Hiker

    Ta. A bit of googling also says the same.

    Need to get over my unusual for me OCD satisfaction of getting a tent/tarp neatly rolled into its storage sack with room to spare :D
  16. Franco Darioli

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    To fold and roll a tent like yours you could pick up the end corners on one side (hold the inner ends too) , shake it out so that the tent sits flat on the ground (go to the other side and pull that taut if it needs to), then fold it in so that the bottom of the tent remains open .
    When you have folded it to the width of your bag , roll it from the apex to the bottom so that the air can escape.
    You can see something like that from 3:30 to about 4:00m in this video clip :

    except that I roll from the end in because there are two vents at the other end for the air to escape.
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  17. Davy

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    Test run of the Drift 4. Not on a hill, Byecross Farm on the Wye after a paddle down from Whitney Bridge.


    It works, certainly in calm conditions and importantly the kids didn't break it although they did fall over the guys a few times (as kids do...:rolleyes:)

    10 days until we head up North with it, can't wait :thumbsup:

    And I've now worked out how to roll it easily...
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  18. theoctagon

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  19. Graham

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    Wonder why it was pitched side-on to the wind?
  20. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    More internal height than I thought, I can see why they've switched to T-doors, much better.
  21. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith Summit Camper

    So somebody posted my little trip. :smile:

    Graham, the tent was pitched side on deliberately to see how it would cope. That is the biggest surface area and wanted to see how it would fair.

    Good amount of space and is easier to pitch than you think. Once you have done it a few times it really is a doddle.

    Was a great little trip. The last time I took it out was in the Cairngorms but it was still and calm so wanted to try out in something a bit more severe.

    Think that this larger 'Edge' maybe better as it has more space for your kit, ect especially if you are tent bound in bad weather for a few days.
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  22. EM - Ross

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    Nice to see it in action Ray. I've the smaller one which has more space for kit than I need. I rarely use both porches & if tent bound - I generally sleep!
  23. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith Summit Camper

    Thanks, and your right Ross. Depends on what you take with you, I often take far more than I really need.
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  24. Ray Smith

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    Well folks it has been on my mind for a while about if I should keep or sell this tent. Have had it for ages and only used it twice to try out.

    Had purchased it for doing the TGO with my wife this year but due to work commitments we have had to pull out not long ago. Just after doing all the route planning and putting everything in place.

    Everything has been cancelled or put on hold due to my job and I will unlikely be out very much for much of the summer either.:frown:

    It is in perfect condition and would be great for somebody doing the upcoming TGO or just after a new tent. As shown in the film it is a roomy and well made tent. Waited an age for it and
    really am in too minds. This is the only one of its type either and no more of this size is likely to be made. Have also noticed that Mark has stopped taking orders for any tents in April.

    As such if anybody is interested have put up in for sale section.
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