Tundra pure & dry -5 (thoughts & opinions)

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  1. Shafiq

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    So... I sold on my custom PHD (which I bought off a one Ian Fitz for not very much money) in the hope to raise funds for charity as well as thinking I want a synthetic quilt... AS Tucas I'd been thinking.

    The PHD was a minim sort in 300 fill weight and rated at close to zero (either -2 or +2 as the comfort limit but debatable as to which more accurate). It squished down lovely for my handlebars and had a lovely neck baffle as well as being a lovely piece of loveliness in itself. Weighed 595g but as with many a down fill item and PHD in particular it was very restricting for me as well as me not liking how down doesn't like being a little damp and takes a while to loft thereafter.

    So, i had heart set on the AS Tuzas with similar rating to a minus zero... Now I've gone and seen the Tundra and it looks rather appealing. At -5 rating.. waterproof material (will this actually protect the down from feeling damp... not totally convinced) and a great -IMO - ethical outlook. Only 300g heavier than my PHD (may it live on with Mr Connely and both share great days together) and a rating of an extra 5C digits lower...

    Over to you, thoughts please (btw. I'm gonna borrow the dosh of a mate for the Tundra but believe it'll be something that gets passed down to my little one, one day)...
  2. Foxster

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    As I said in another thread...You should usually just take the ratings given by makers as a very rough guide because so many of them play fast and loose with the numbers.

    It's much more useful to compare the Fill Power and quantity of fill. One suggestion has been to multiply the two together and compare that between bags. Then you can check out weight, features and such of comparably warm bags.
  3. Enzo

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    Agree with the above method, with the modifier that a larger bag will produce less loft with the same amount/fp of down. Loft I think is the best guide.
  4. Shafiq

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    Thats an interesting way of comparison (fill power x amount of fill)... one thing I find a bit confusing on that front is that the Tundra states its 860 power and that this is apparently the highest rating there is... But then how does PHD manage to get numbers like 900 and 1000 for some of their bags (with both being european down AFAIK so not being compared with the USA method I assume)...
  5. Foxster

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    FP is supposed to be the measure of loft e.g. an ounce of 600 FP down can fill 600 cubic inches. Of course, if you have an overly roomy bag shell then the down will not fill it and you risk cold spots but that's a design issue rather than a problem with the down.
  6. Foxster

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    I don't think there is an absolute max but practically 900 is about it. I'd rate them something like 600, 700, 800, 850+.
  7. Shafiq

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    Thanks for your kind input everyone. From the infi provided I was able to realise that the Sierra Design Zissou 20 is alot more cost effective - and hopefully warmer with only an extra 150 gram weight penalty - which (as mentioned on one of the threads herein) is selling out on Sportpursuit for only £90 including delivery....

    So happy and satisfied in fact that I'll indeed be gettijg one of the upgraded paid memberships on here as mentioned by @Shewie ... like Delboy would say... "lovely jubbly" :)
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  8. Balagan

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    The Zissou 20 is very good at that price. I just got one for my eldest and it's a very decent bag. At the full regular price of around £250, I'd say there are better options out there.

    A couple of things to note though:
    1. The down isn't exactly the best in the market (650 CUIN Chinese grey duck) but it is DriDown-treated (less susceptible to moisture) and my son's bag actually had 725 CUIN down (you can find out online the exact specs of the down used thanks to a TrackMyDown batch number)
    2. The only bags left in SportPursuit are Long size (I got a regular) so they'll be pretty roomy which can be a good thing if you felt restricted in the PHD but somewhat heavier (1.13 kg claimed, might need checking) and bulkier than the Regular size (not to mention your PHD). They have 613 gr of down rather than 567 in the Regular.
    3. Speaking of bulk, the regular can just about be coaxed into an 8 litre drybag (it would be happier in a 10 l) and a Long will need a 12 litre, either of which will be too large for our handlebars.
    4. The Zissou has an innovative/strange foot venting arrangement with an opening in the footbox covered by overlapping insulation which you can see at the 1:40 mark in the first video below and 6:30 in the second (different bags but it's the only demos I could find of it).

    If you can live with the weight and bulk, I'd say go for it as the value for money is very hard to beat for a new bag and they'll be gone soon. Down fill power aside, the weight isn't massively different to other 600 gr fill bags e.g. Cumulus Panyam 600 or Tundra Pure & Dry -10 though I'd trust both to be warmer but for a significantly higher price.
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  9. Shafiq

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    So... Just a quick update for my own peace of lind and possibly some endorsements that I'm not being sillly/extravagant.

    Ordered the Sierra Design yesterday before they all get sold out but before that I'd given tundra a call about sizing and was awaiting a call-back. There's 5 (only me and the 7 and 4 year old that are keen to get out in the hills properly mind) of us in total so 'one can't have enough bags' right....

    Yesterday I'd satisfied my 'cold weather bag' gremlins. But today the callback from Allen at Tundra. Felt like getting a call from Peter or Paul (I forgrt which) Hutchinson himself and I got explained how their offer would be available for at least 2 more months (of the Pure and Dry red range of which too much excess cloth got delivered) so I have plenty time to save up for a 'Bentley' bag...

    After answering my queries about sizing (195 would be just right for me at 5ft10.5) he went on to explain why their temperature standards differ from the rest of the market (ie. more reserved). Apparently original testing was done with Nato troops - who are fitter than the rest of the public... you'd expect - and then the Germans wanted a better more realistic standard and they ended up testing on German troops (errr).

    In between all that he explained what testing protocol he used which went over my head a bit (sorry.. the reception wasn't too cracking at that point) and how I could easily have the better down (in my future Tundra hopefully) recycled in say 20 years when/if the liner material got worn. I queried who I would have to do this for me as I'm not a dabhand at sewing and he expressed 'just send it to us'... Didn't bother asking him hw much that'd cost...

    :).. Like I said, just an update... Right, time to get saving !
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