Two days in the Wicklow mountains

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    On Mon the 29th of July I woke up at 4am (couldn't sleep), weather looked bad outside so a check round national weather told me Wicklow was to be sunny, so i packed, got the 07:45 bus to Dublin then the 11:30 bus to Glendalough.
    Just after a nice cold drink in the hotel bar I crossed the road.
    I stayed on the Wicklow way for only about 100m & decided to to see if I could cut through the forest, so after finding a trail that was heading my way I crossed the forest track 3 times & ending up in kinda the open.
    Luckily enough there was a trail through the ferns aswell which led me up to the track to Brockagh mountain.
    20190722_143158.jpg 20190722_144737.jpg 20190722_150001.jpg
    I really shouldn't have sat down though.
    After leaving Brockagh & heading to Tonelagee I decided I'd change plans & divert to the eastern col overlooking Lough Ouler. (col centre of pic)
    I was glad I changed route as I would have missed the herd otherwise.
    20190722_162518.jpg 20190722_163044.jpg
    Climbing up to the col & overlooking the Lough, I thought, I
    this (& I was wrecked) so decided to go down & camp there & call it a day.
    20190722_165115.jpg 20190722_173754.jpg 20190722_173810.jpg 20190722_191316.jpg
    After a quick
    20190722_185054.jpg I
    was soon of to sleep.
    The next morning the cloud had set in as it was supposed too.
    I sat around for a bit waiting for it to lift as it was meant to but didn't. So instead of going up one of the gullies, which I thought if I did I wasn't going to turn back to Tonelagee but head on, so I back tracked up to the col again, getting some
    one the way. On the col I thought I'd have one last look at Lough Ouler.
    Oh well, onwards & upwards.
    20190723_112800.jpg 20190723_113742.jpg
    Tonelagee top
    (maybe I should'a just went up the gully)
    Stoney top
    I thought I'd stop for a bit off the side of Stoney top, give the clouds a chance to lift as they were late doing so. (they mustn't have got the memo of my schedule)
    20190723_133514.jpg 20190723_133615.jpg I can see the light shinning.
    So on again over past Barnacullian & on to Mullaghcleevaun, but after Barnacullian I had this to cross. (when I say had to, I could have went round it, but you know)
    Luckily it was dry(ish), but thankfully not that dry just after the blanket.
    It's good to touch the green, green grass... (looking back at Tonalagee)
    Mullaghcleevaun top
    On the way to Mullaghcleevaun east top.
    20190723_161843.jpg 20190723_163033.jpg 20190723_163117.jpg
    (tempting place for me to lay down, better not)
    Mullaghcleevaun east top looking back at Mullaghcleevaun
    Looking back at Tonelagee (right hand side of pic) & then the cross to Mullaghcleevaun
    Cleevaun lough, where I'd thought to sleep the first night & a few scenery shots on the way to Duff hill.
    20190723_163454.jpg 20190723_163504.jpg
    Duff hill, looking back then forward
    Gravale top, looking back then forward
    Carrigvore top, (you guessed it) looking back then forward.
    Sally's gap (where I got a nice bit of a present from two guys in a car looking for a Fox's pub after I informed them I was only smoking a rolley)
    From here I thought maybe to head over to Liffey head bridge along the road for some water & camp up in off it.
    But no, that would have been too smart for me, I could'a dropped back to Crockan pond S/E of this nice ruin.
    But no, I thought I'd go on & see if there was anything running into the source of the Liffey or even the re-entrant above.
    There wasn't, I should'a lay down under that rock hours ago instead I had a very dry camp (no tea) I decided to not cook but keep what water I had left incase I needed it during the night, I had less than 500ml.
    20190723_215542.jpg 20190723_215604.jpg
    Next morning I ate the days before lunch of wraps, cheese & chorizo with a few glugs of water & heading off.
    Tonduff south looking onto Maulin (which was to be my last hill) with Great Sugar Loaf behind it to the left.
    20190724_093654.jpg 20190724_094439.jpg 20190724_093826.jpg
    Did I stop & filter some water, did I jack I still had around 200ml left. Maulin was to be my last, but last moment I cut off down to the left onto the track & into the forest. (I blame the present for all decisions made after Sally's gap)
    I cut down through the forest by a few trails instead of going back along the flank of Maulin, along the road a few hundred metres & back on to the Wicklow way.
    Coffee time!
    Then back on the way for a bit.
    After leaving the way I came across a road sign & almost done what it told me.
    (I love those signs, but they are more or less gone now for the new give way signs)
    After just over 48hrs & around 37,22km with 1551m accent & 1613m descent (is that all!) I was finished.
    Sorry if its a bad TR, thought I'd give it a go. To be honest it was easier doing the walk.
    (I came back with the two dinners I went with, not for the first time with these meals either
    Re-edit: not a tracked route but more or less the way taken, but in reverse.

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  2. Munro277

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    Ta for sharing,not an area ive ever visited
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  3. Padstowe

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    @Munro277 Your welcome, to be honest I prefer the west for the cut of the hills, more wild. The wicklow mountains are nice but more rolling mostly.
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  4. el manana

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    Enjoyed that @Padstowe , looks like some great places. Would definitely be interested in seeing more of that area.

    I often press on past water points when short of it, and always suffer. :confused: Never learn.

    Thanks for posting :thumbsup:
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  5. Padstowe

    Padstowe Section Hiker

    I knew I had enough with ration to see me through the night & the next morning, didn't miss not eating that night but did kinda miss a cuppa. :(
    Edit: have done it meself loads of times & learnt I can move quite a bit without water if not to hot out.
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  6. edh

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    Interesting to see a nice write up of the area.

    And get you with your Solán de Cabras bottle :rolleyeses:
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  7. Padstowe

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    Let me know when you see one ;)
    Get you knowing the name, when asked I just say its a spanish water, even though the name is on the bottle. :angelic:
    They are nice bottles. Pity the filter doesn't fit them, but hey lifes little hurdles.
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  8. tom

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    Nice writeup, spotted the familiar bottles too. They are great - the only rigid bottles I've carried for years. The Swayer filter actually fits perfectly (on the outlet side...) :) I do like the wide opening.
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  9. Padstowe

    Padstowe Section Hiker

    It does sit in the bottle, but not attach or am I missing something?
    I tend to use a bit of a hose as I generally sit on the dirty water bag or stick a rock or 2 on it.
    I prefer the wide opening too as I take gulps of around 100ml each time I drink, which makes it easier for me.
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    If i'd known you were about i could've met you for a wee cuppa on the hill :)
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  11. Shewie

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    Nice report Padstowe, I must take a trip over sometime
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  12. Teepee

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    A great trip report. Not even the merest hint of an apology needed (apart from tidying up camp for us) :)

    Enjoyed that, brings back good memories of Wicklow.
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