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    After about 29 days on 'trail', 'hiking' I deposited my gear onto the sheet provided for that very purpose at the very fine Mount Williamson Motel in Independence CA. Took some pics as I unpacked....this is what I carried - more or less..

    MLD Prophet with Klymit frame


    Works well for me as I like to feel the pack is 'on' me; had considered a Blast, but no. Did not really notice it, despite the load, adjusts well. Minor annoyances in stuffing soft bottles into mesh pockets....but more on soft bottles later....

    Mesh pack pockets, hipbelt pocket contents


    'Electrics +' - the phone lives elsewhere.
    Did not use spare batteries much - S4 down to 40% being on standby for 5 days at a time.
    Apple 2.1 Amp charger/lead - hate being without communications facility these days.
    The voice recorder is for work.
    The coins open the bear paranoid I carried about $4 worth :oops:
    Fenix flashlight.
    The most useful item there is the Tread-Lite magnifier - I used it a lot; a gift from Paul when I was asking about carrying reading glasses - really useful, much appreciated.


    Sony RX100 III. Great image quality, bit too small for handling until you get used to it. The Joby micro-pod (tripod) stays attached and is useful - used it quite a lot for flagrant self-aggrandisement..


    'Beauty' products. The spare Strappal-tape wrapped container has earplugs, Advil PM and 500mg Ibu 'depth charges' in it. Lip balm, toothpaste (did not work in that little pot - neither does powder, clogs threads).

    Metronidazole and Loperamide (used that, glad to have it), Diamox (used that don't know if it helped but assumed so - 'tingly fingers' twice (common side-effect).
    Wilmas - confused Sierra biters well.
    Sportslick anti-chafe, useful on couple of occasions. Not shown is olive oil soap - tiny; washed my butt with that every day when possible.
    Sun cream - too much, hardly used any as was covered up.
    Mini Krazy glue, for cuts and splits.


    Blue thing is ULA rain kilt; used in anger a few times gratefully.
    Pegs wrapped in mapcase (Aloksac). Maps mainly Caltopo double-sided (staggered) colour-laser printouts.
    I'm going off soft bottles and think soda bottles might be a better way to go. new soft bottles are a pain to fill with a mini as the sides stick together, older sun-kissed one's are better as they get crinkly - then they inconvenient times.
    Backflushed mini from my bounce box every 5 days.


    Hat - essential. Permethrinned.
    OR sun gloves.
    Montbell (thanks Stephen) windshirt....only used early mornings when the duvet jacket came off.
    Olive oil soap.
    Delorme Inreach; relationship saver! Useful. Weather reports. Two-way texting. Simple GPS functions. I like it.
    Solar buff.
    Headnet (did not use).

    Main pack body


    Bearikade Weekender. Light, expensive, made like a watch of quality. Available for rent ;) Swallowed five days food easily; I reckon I can get 8-10 days into this.
    Stuffed other bits in there too - usually in pack pocket or main body.
    Mailing pouch cosy; worked OK.
    Tri-ti 600ml Evernew on esbit (PITA to light at times as observed by others). In there, match book, mini bic, esbits, scalpel blade, tenacious tape, focus fire ti.
    Loo roll. Used water method usually...hence soap!
    Yellow useless drybag has polycro sheet in it (that got dirty quickly).
    MLD bag has Haglofs Gram Comp Pull in it (more on clothing another time); not bad for a light shell....luminous lime shows dirt fast ('makes you look tough and experienced' I fooled myself...).
    Maltodextrin powder - used a lot of that; mixed in the REI bottle shown - Gatorade bottle would be lighter.


    Cuben Solomid. Like it a lot. Pitched it high. In Zpacks sleeping bag...bag. Stuffed PHD duvet into that and is the best pillow I've used - and I've used a few. Used pole extenders with my 135cm sticks - took off end caps as they bite better into the ground that way.


    Womens TAR Neoair. Great.
    PHD Ultra. Brilliant piece; favourite down layer by far.


    Zpacks bear bag - used as drybag. Solid, nicely made, tough.
    Zpacks 20 wide, long (they are right about sizing up). Love it. Light easy. Zip underneath does not register. Get used to turning inside the bag rather than with it (as was my custom). Hood works well. Ability to shake down to where you want it - and see it move useful. Shoulder cord a real winner with immediate noticeable effect.
    Rohan Ultra boxers - years old and now with extra ventilation. LS Ultra T - both for sleeping in.
    Arcteryx Phase SL leggings - light, warm, keep bag clean when legs can't be washed.
    Wrightsox Coolmax socks - comfy but only last 200 miles with me, so expensive at $11 a pop.


    That horrible green GG pocket soon to be replaced with a lubbly orange Tread-Lite one!
    $. Loaded Caxton card. ID - you need it alas.
    Phone. Pairs with Inreach via Bluetooth so can use Earthmate app to send messages quickly. PITA on the Inreach itself. Used for work and play a lot.

    I'll no doubt have missed a few things out - notably clothes and suchlike - 'carried things' as I think of them.....
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    Good stuff, enjoyed reading through that :)
  3. paul

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    Cheers Ed. Always great to see what people carry. Very informative
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    good one.
    After this, you really should be able to have it all 'dialled in' for next year.
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    Interesting stuff ...however, your review will be more credible though once you get home and 'try it once in the garden'...;)
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    Why is it so interesting to look at what others carry? That yellow green dyneema fabric looks so much better than the black/blue/green that I've seen previously.
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    Thanks. Always love a gear list/display :)
  8. paul

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    because we are all kit whores and it provides inspiration to get rid of whatever spare cash we have quickly :D
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