VPN and Wi-Fi?

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by Cop, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Cop

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  2. Shewie

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    I think the keyword in that article is “insecure”

    If its a secure network with good encryption and authentication then a VPN isn’t really necessary for general web browsing. If you were planning to send sensitive data then a VPN would be a good move.
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  3. edh

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    Using 4G (as it is encrypted) is a safe bet too; otherwise what Shewie says.

    I use data for anything that needs to be secure.
  4. Michael_x

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    A VPN is a good idea if a WiFi hot-spot doesn't require a password. It is incredibly easy to eavesdrop or do a man-in-the-middle exploit even with almost no knowledge or understanding since the tools are out there for free with easy to follow YouTube tutorials.

    Someone cracking your mobile phone 4G data connection is unlikely since such requires hardware beyond simply a laptop or phone as well as software, and rather more technical ability. Not really worth worrying about.

    As for WiFi with password to connect that depends but, assuming not WEP, it is almost always going to be ok enough.

    Myself I routinely use a VPN. That way I won't forget when needed.
  5. Foxster

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    I recommend NordVPN. Been using it since my days in the telecomms industry when I used to know what I was talking about ;)

    I use it on my phone and laptop always when using public networks. Also at home for secure web stuff related to work.

    Dead handy for holidays too cos you can pretend you are in the UK when abroad and get access to BBC iPlayer, Sky and other stuff that is country-restricted.
  6. SafetyThird

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    I have a couple of vpn's I use. I picked up a lifetime subscription to SecureVPN when it was on sale for £35 but I also pay for ExpressVPN which is faster, has better access points and isn't operated from a country that might sell your data. My decision came down between Express and Nord, both are top tier vpn's which are very well regarded. I always use one on public hotspots or if doing online banking etc.

    Mind you, these days I don't generally use wifi, if you can get 4G, it's probably faster than most public wifi hotspots and, with free roaming in Europe (at least for now) it's just as easy to use your phone.

    I've recently spent two months working in Hungary and the apartment block I was in had decent wifi until everyone in the building was using it at night. I ended up using my phone as a hotspot so I could watch Netflix on my laptop.
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    Who even are you :peeking: :troll:
    I would say Spam post ...
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  8. tom

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    I also got Nord VPN for anything confidential. Rarely use it inside the EU as G3 + G4 are usually faster anyway but VPN is essential when I work or travel outside the EU...
  9. gixer

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    It's not just open WiFi networks that aren't secure

    You can be staying in a hotel and someone can clone the hotel WiFi including the password so you believe you've connected to the hotel network

    I tend to use VPN a lot, even at home now i'm connected to a Italian VPN server from express VPN

    It's not that i'm doing anything dodgy i just don't want my internet provider having information on what sites i connect to and when
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  10. Ian Barton

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    I use one at home and surprising connections are faster (not what you would expect). I use the same VPN with my phone when I am using 4g as it has pihole blocking adverts at the VPN. Thinking about it, that's probably why it's fast at home, as the adverts are blocked on my remote server.

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