Waist Pack/Bum bag suggestions please

Discussion in 'Packs & Accessories' started by PhilHo, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I often carry a waist pouch. If I also have a backpack I wear it to the front so snacks, my phone, hat, gloves etc are easily accessible. It overcomes the shortcomings of the waist pockets on my pack.

    Currently I'm using a simple Pete Bland one but it is getting very tatty and I need to replace it. To be honest I could probably fix it up and make it last another year but I fancy a change.

    Can anyone here recommend a waist pack please. I don't want one that holds water bottles just general stuff and about 3l in size. If it was a bit waterproof that would be a bonus. Thanks in advance.
  2. Diddi

    Diddi Thru Hiker

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  3. Robin

    Robin Moderator Staff Member

  4. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I think that is the one I saw someone with at my running group this morning, that stimulated me to think I ought to do something about finding a new one. It doesn't look like they have them in stock so I'll have a search around.
  5. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    I use the TN laser, quite big 6L, very light, not really waterproof. Fits most of my daily bitsnbobs and doubles as hand/man bag or little explorer bag when you've set up camp.
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  6. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    @PhilHo I have a new, tagged, unused one of the inov8 racerelite 3 bags exactly the same as the one @Robin linked to above.

    Pm me if it's of interest

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  7. Daymoth

    Daymoth Section Hiker


    Im looking for a bum bag to put valuables in while i travel by bus.
    I cant find the elite 3 one, seems discontinued. Any suggested alternatives?
  8. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    Omm do good ones.
  9. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

  10. Daymoth

    Daymoth Section Hiker

    Hmmm might try the decathlon one.... Allegedly 40g... And like 3 quid...
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  11. Jmws

    Jmws Ultralighter

    If you are feeling flush then the versa from HMG might suit. 83g, 2-3 litres and waterproof being made from dyneema.
  12. lakeshore

    lakeshore Trail Blazer

    Zpacks Multi-Pack - 4 in 1 Backpack Lid / Chest Pack / Belt Pack / Satchel

    I have one of these from the US, it is very useful.
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  13. Beachlover

    Beachlover Trail Blazer

    I'm not sure if the two folks looking for a bum bag are now sorted, but I have a next to new OMM 3L one that one of you or indeed someone else is welcome too for nowt. I'll even pay the postage just to be rid of the clutter. :rolleyes:

    Apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere as a sale or POGO. I'll shift the offer there if the OP or Daymoth are sorted, but wanted it to go to someone who was looking for one really. :)

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  14. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I have the 6 litre with bottle holder version of this and it is excellent. Someone ought to snap your hand of for it. If I didn't also have a 3l one from Inov-8 I'd be the one doing the snapping.
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  15. Henry

    Henry Ultralighter

    I might be snapping @Beachlover ! My pack belt pockets aren’t up to much. I’ll pm you.
  16. Henry

    Henry Ultralighter

    Oh it won’t let me chat to you! Pm me then!!
  17. Beachlover

    Beachlover Trail Blazer

    Only fair @Daymoth has the first refusal but if it's not wanted I'll drop you a PM @Henry :)
  18. benp1

    benp1 Trail Blazer

    How are folks using a waist pouch in combination with a waist belt on a pack? (I also have the OMM 3l pouch and can't picture how it works)

    I can see there being belt clash (luckily all my packs have hip belt pockets for this reason!)
  19. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    I wear mine quite loose and higher than hipbelt height at the back. Lift the waist pack up a little to cip my pack belt then it sits about belt height. If I'm on scrambly stuff I'll swing it round to the side and/or tighten the waist pack up a bit to keep it out the way and prevent bouncing.
  20. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    I've only used mine with packs without a hip belt, that was kind of the point of getting one as I was missing the hip belt pockets for small items.
  21. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    I hang mine between my shoulder straps just above the hip belt. So the pouch is at the front and the strap is clicked together immediately behind it. It goes nowhere near my waist unless I'm staying on a campsite where I'll stick my valuables in it and wear it around my waist when I'm off to the pub. Basically it is a modern day sporran.
  22. Beachlover

    Beachlover Trail Blazer

    Just a note to say @Daymoth has taken the OMM bum bag - Apologies for the minor thread derailment. :)

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