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  1. Baldy

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    Just worn for 3 hours in rain around a soggy Rothiemurchus forest. Dexshell and trail shoes. Just a bit damp. 741F3BD2-2543-433A-92EB-EAAA52790D7B.jpeg
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  2. Whiteburn

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    When the weather is real winter....not the wimpy southern variety......but the Scottish one I'll wear warm & waterproof boots.
    IMG_3187 (3) (Large).JPG
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  3. Snowonher

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    When i used to trail run it didn’t bother me having wet feet, i was running hot and only had to live with it for an hour or two. Was part of the fun. But for hiking, personally there’s nothing much more miserable than wet feet, especially if camping out. I wear lightweight waterproof boots and have comfortable -and clean- feet for days. Watching youtubers showing signs of trenchfood after days of wet grass just seems avoidable, to me.
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  4. Fossil Bluff

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    Nah then, this is reet good :thumbsup:


  5. Mole

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    As people say; it's how you manage wet feet, and the socks and footwear you use that can avoid such problems.

    When I first did it years ago , on longer trips I used to get underfoot blisters due to one area of hard skin under my forefoot softening due to being constantly wet.

    Just like with any footwear choice for any situation/usage, in this case, once I understood my own feet's reaction to being wet, and how various socks, shoes and footbeds interact; I could prepare and manage better, and it was no longer much of a problem. No more than any footwear choice.
    Everything needs dialling in?

    The "feel" of wet feet to me is only uncomfortable if something is wrong with my setup. Just like the feel of dry feet can be uncomfortable if something is wrong with the shoe/sock/skin on my feet.
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  6. Franky

    Franky Trail Blazer

    :):)Scott trail shoes.
    Supertrac 2.0
    Max comfort
    Max grip
    Water in, water out, dry:)
    So good on 3rd pair
    Hooked like a love affair
    Grip top notch

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  7. OwenM

    OwenM Section Hiker

    Can you get a silencer for those shoes?
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  8. Franky

    Franky Trail Blazer

    Can’t please everybody all of the time :rolleyes:
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  9. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

    FWIW I have a pair of Altra Lone Peak 3.5s and a pair of Brooks Cascadia 14 wide. They are both a bit too flexible for my liking and don't really give my feet enough "support" on anything but flat well made trails. Its an intangible and highly subjective thing but they're just not quite right for what I do in trail shoes. I reckon that for me they would be fine for easy walking but I wouldn't want to use them on a multi day with anything off piste. I had a pair of the previous version of Brooks Cascadia and they were much more planted and supportive despite having less good tread pattern on the soles. I now have Mizuno Wave Mujin 6s that feel like the old Cascadias use to in terms of support but have better soles and feel more planted.

    Having said all that I hate wet cold feet when I'm walking. When you are running they seem to dry out quicker and are less of an issue, probably because the rest of your body is screaming out and the foot discomfort pales into insignificance, but walking with cold wet feet makes me miserable.

    The "best" waterproof socks I've used are Bridgedale Storms.

    Mizuno Wave Mujin 6s £75 on SportShoes (19% discount for Trek-Lite supporters off that )
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  10. Jim_Parkin

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    Someone here (maybe Chiseller?) posted some socks that I think were designed to wick ("pump" in a paramo type way?) the water away from the feet and they looked quite impressive at the time... But I can't recall what they were called (or even the mechanism, except that they weren't waterproof)

    Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about - or was it just a fever dream?

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