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Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by humankeith, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Chiseller

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    +1 for these, how often will you wear them?,they're not going to wear out.
  3. Franky

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    Saves weight
    Just wear same as you hiked in:rolleyes:
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    As a boot wearer, my 'camp shoes' have to be able to double up as water shoes for river crossings etc, which restricts my options somewhat.
    Until I can find some secondhand original Vivo Barefoot Ultras (the later models are much heavier unfortunately), or someone can come up with a better (i.e. lighter) alternative, these Decathlon Itiwit watersport jobs (360g for a pair size 46/47, but they've got the sizing wrong because I'm a 43) will have to do:

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  6. Ihmemies

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    I use EU size 48 / US 14. In camp I can use US 13 size Crocs. Even the fake ones are 310g/pair, real ones are heavier. I hate to lug them around so I usually don't. I wish there were light weight camp shoes (like 100g each), but they all are lightweight only in small sizes.
  7. Charlie83

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    I once made a pair of sliders from a foam roll mat and some black nasty tape, they weighed next to nothing.

    Unfortunately they also were pretty crap
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  9. cathyjc

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    I have a pair from the Kickstarter project.
    I used them once as camp shoes. Great to wear and for rivers - keep your feet well protected without loosing grip/feeling for the rocks etc.
    However, I won't be using them out hiking on anything more than day walks as they are heavy when wet and take days to dry out.
    Vivo barefoot ultras are much better for camp shoes on multi day trips.

    I used them in OZ recently when we were gorge walking/swimming and they were the "dogs dangly bits" for that sort of activity - didn't interfer with swimming and grippy on rocks and like climbing shoes on boulders.
  10. craige

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    I and maybe @paul? Have them too. Don't take them very often because they aren't that light at around 180g iirc. They are pretty luxurious though. I have a pair of those cheap water shoe type things that are around half the weight but not quite as good. As cathy said, skinners take a looong time to dry.
  11. cathyjc

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    I weighed them wet and they are heavier than Vivo's - even when "wrung out".
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    Those weights are surely per shoe though? They do look decent. I had a good browse last time I saw you mention them.
  15. Chiseller

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    Cheers, I've some in my basket but reluctant to pull the trigger on them as I've gone minimalist zero and I am frightened I'd never take the dudes off once I'd got them!
  16. tom

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    On my summer, trips I mostly carry flip flops but they're only good for summer as I can't wear them with socks (darn tough don't do roe socks). Also, sturdy + lite ones like these (reinforced with tyvek tape at the weakest spot - 79gr for the pair) are pretty hard to find...

    I found these Teva's a few years ago - pretty good in the wet as none of the materials absorb any water but too bulky and way to heavy (282gr for the pair) to carry on longer section or thru-hikes

    This year, I've been experimenting with this combination:
    Its some kind of neoprene ('bay) with non-slip soles and insoles cut from 5mm eva foam to keep socks dry on wet ground. Quite sturdy and as "comfortable" as any "barefoot" shoe I've tried - 82gr for the lot (or 112gr when wet). ...not avalible in orange but I found some in pink at least :rolleyes:
    Beware - they are quite small - these are size XXL and an ok fit with lite socks on my size 9 feet.
  17. Clare

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    Cheap slides instead of flip flops ? Can wear socks.
  18. The Cumbrian

    The Cumbrian Ultralighter

    I got these silicon over shoe thingies, so that I can slip them over my sleep socks for when I need to nip out.

    166g the pair including the little bag. 20190915_185121.jpg 20190915_185209.jpg
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  19. Clare

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    Looks like your feet are about to commit a heist
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  20. edh

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    Tyvek overshoes weigh a lot less
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  21. The Cumbrian

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    Would I have to make them myself? That sounds like a step to far for me.
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  23. tom

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    ... and probably leak a bit more ... :rolleyes:
  24. tom

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    I had to google "slides" (having grown up with american english I still stumble linguistically here and there occasionally) but I think I figured out what you mean - they look pretty bulky and heavy to me - I draw a line at ~80gr.
    Thankfully, Cascadia's are comfortable enough to wear in the evening after a long day hiking so camp shoe are a little luxury - not a necessity :)
  25. The Cumbrian

    The Cumbrian Ultralighter

    Indeed. I like to keep my sleep socks dry, and I've seen Tyvek overshoes develop holes very quickly at work. Not a bad idea if they could be seam sealed though.

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