What have you bought?

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by Shewie, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. JohnMacQueen

    JohnMacQueen Trail Blazer

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  2. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    I'd sooner see scattered coffee grounds than a discard orange peel.
    I used to scatter mine but maybe I shouldn't. After all their not natural to our locational environment.
    I can go two days without needing to dig a cat hole.....
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  3. RobH

    RobH Trail Blazer

    Nice and early for winter. Good fit, weight (77g) price (£12) and delivery time.

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  4. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Moderator Staff Member

    And they're quite warm. :)
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  5. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

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  6. Nigelp

    Nigelp Ultralighter

    Do you have a link? What size did you choose? I find the Aliexpress sizing to be very random.
  7. Padstowe

    Padstowe Thru Hiker

    2 DCF hipbelt pockets & a DCF fold over shoulder pocket from Tred Lite, with a wee Trek Lite discount :thumbsup:
    (plus a 2L and a 4L S2S ultra-sil drybags & a light my fire scout firesteel :))
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  8. HillBelly

    HillBelly Section Hiker

    I did a quick check and you can get them on Amazon for £20. There are others - but I don't fancy a pair that have 'SunDick' on them!
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  9. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Skinny on weight... Skinny on output... It would take days to top up my phone and owerbank with 1.2a!
  10. RobH

    RobH Trail Blazer

    Actually from eBay (my mistake, sorry), search AEGISMAX Waterproof Camping Tent Slippers Duck Down Soft Bootees Boots Shoes. I wear a size 45 shoe and bought the XL's. don't think they would fit a larger foot. I think they will be great for an in tent sock, as @fluffkitten says they seem very warm :)
  11. Nigelp

    Nigelp Ultralighter

    Thanks. I just assumed they were Aliexpress. I’m a 42.5 so will buy same size.
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  12. MartinK9

    MartinK9 Section Hiker

    Fivefingers Trek Ascent.
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  13. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Size 44 Ali size medium - mine turned up a couple of days ago.
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  14. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    You've done well to find a pair :thumbsup: I'm tempted to get the insulated ones if they come up at the right price at the right time :)
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  15. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    2e selection for my freak feet. Speedgoats and salomans are superb. NB hierro have a crap lace system that makes you feel like it's gonna snap the tabs if you give it some so they will be relegated to dog walks. Speeedgoats are like slippers but salomans fit is epic. Tight on the heel and wide at the front and a really aggressive tread

  16. RobH

    RobH Trail Blazer

    Over Quilt project delivered 5 days from ordering :0.

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  17. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker


    I'll be putting up my GP7 Black for sale if anyone's interested.
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  18. SafetyThird

    SafetyThird Section Hiker

    Revisiting a hobby I've been unable to stay involved in for 15 years due to cost. Some fortunate and unfortunate changes in life this year have allowed me, with some significant support from my wife, to buy myself a rather extravagant present.

    Skyranger 1.jpeg
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  19. Helen E

    Helen E Trail Blazer

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  20. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Arrived today, dinky little thing it is

    Just charged my iphone 6s+ from 4% to 86% in 1.5hrs, so fairly happy with that.
  21. Rog Tallbloke

    Rog Tallbloke Thru Hiker

    I always found lobsters warmer on a motorcycle than fully fingered gloves. probably something to do with greater mass of adjacent flesh with blood being pumped around. How thick could the insulation be in these separate toesock type shoes without forcing toes apart in an unnatural way?
  22. SafetyThird

    SafetyThird Section Hiker

    I've had one of the single port 2.4A versions for a few years now, very pleased with it. I'd love a 2 port 2.4A version but guess that wouldn't be as svelte.
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  23. Heltrekker

    Heltrekker Ultralighter

    Very nice! My son wants to be a pilot - showed him this and he's asked for one for Christmas - dream on!!!
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  24. MartinK9

    MartinK9 Section Hiker

    Now you've made me go and look.....

    Yep they are the insulated version, should be here by Saturday.
  25. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Uninsulated are Very hard to find... Well in my size they were.

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