Where am I ? Guessing game.


Thru Hiker
Following on from a wee game we used to play on OM and was popular.
The "Where Am I" game where you simply......... well you get it guess where I / you are..:biggrin: Best probably to keep within the British Isles ans Islands.
Person who guesses correct has to post the next picture up and so on :thumbsup:
Lets start with an easy one,Easy if you know where:)
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Thru Hiker
Just up the river from falls of Glomach? Don't know the hill name if I'm right.
Shame on you as this is the bit where the map geek in you runs upstairs for a map so you can be pinpoint accurate to within a nats whisker and show the world you know :D:p...
or that will do :unsure:


Thru Hiker
No …. I've one left in the Mamores :wacky: and most of the ones to the North of those.
I tried for Ben Nevis and CMD just yesterday but the forecast was way out :mad: and we didn't think all day in the clag was worth it so still to make head way over there.

The ones above don't look like Cairngorms (-tho' I'm no expert there) and their not from far NW, and all the ones in the middle …… I don't remember that amount of scree…. some of them I did 30 yrs ago so memories not good …… :meh: