Worst night out ?

Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by cathyjc, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Norrland

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    Had reached applecross for a pint and fish n chips, then decided to bivvy myself under some overhanging rock not so far away. Was pishing it down and blowing and I was also pretty tipsy and bunged up with hayfever. At the time I had a very strange setup. One of those old bivvies/raincoats that Hilleberg used to make for the Swedish military. So i basically just rolled it into bivvy mode and threw myself under the rocks and said goodnight. Woke up next day realising I'd been resting my head on a giant bag of dog crap from the overflow of the bin that had apparently been not far from me. Maybe this doesn't count as I actually slept like a baby if I remember right. But the morning was grim.

    *Okay apparently they still make them:


    After that I never bivvied again.
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  2. kvragu

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    I can't decide if I like the dog poop or the hilleberg bivy part of the story more.
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  3. Norrland

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    Yes. I woke up with what I thought was midges attacking me but was both that and a mix of regular flies interested evidently in my poop pillow
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    Luxury :)
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    Imagine how uncomfortable an empty poo bag would have been
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    :D :hilarious:
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    Tales like this make me glad I was forced to stop drinking, could imagine me doing this in the past. :D
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