Would you like to support Trek-Lite?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Shewie, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. bumbly

    bumbly Section Hiker

    I'll happily support after I win my bet that I can't go the rest of the month without buying more "outdoorsey stuff". When asked if this counted I was told "yes." I tried to make out it's like AA but apparently you are all enablers :)
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  2. stormin'

    stormin' On a new journey

    I,m in.
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  3. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    Have to wait til I get home. Can't see how on phone
  4. lentenrose

    lentenrose Trail Blazer

    i am in---not sure i actually like this site---but i come here to escape trevor
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  5. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

  6. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    Done, happy to support, content is far more relevant than that other forum, which shall remain nameless:tongue:
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  7. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    Sorry to be dense. I got the link Adz posted but outside of that I don't see a link or button to donate anywhere on the forum.
  8. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    No link or button Ross, it's accessed through user profile, account upgrades as per the first post
  9. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    Got it. I don't do so well on mobile!

    Would be worth getting it up in on the Nav or side bar too. We have Ingrid & Helga on each of my sites in the side bars as well as links in the navbar.
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  10. Marco

    Marco Ultralighter

    Good initiative.

    Forums require some infrastructure and admin support that costs some money. Good content and community are worth a small contribution :)
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  11. Cass

    Cass Trail Blazer

    Im in
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  12. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    I'm in!! Can you confirm you got the payment please?
  13. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    You've gone green so he has..
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  14. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Brilliant thanks mate
  15. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    Are these yours Steve? Just found them at the bottom of my monitor :D

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  16. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Pmsl!!!! What EXACTLY are you trying say Paul lol
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  17. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    nothing ive not said a 1000 times behind your back tightwad :D
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  18. snoopdawg

    snoopdawg Ultralighter

    Donated, its worth the quality of picture production ,thanks.
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  19. Hedley Heap

    Hedley Heap Section Hiker

    Happy to contribute. :)
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  20. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Im not tight!!! I'm just careful with cash.....
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  21. Creamy

    Creamy Section Hiker

    just stuck a fiver in. the info i v already gleamed from you lot well worth it and i aint sucked nowhere near enough info outta u lot yet.

    just re read that and it sounds well gangster bad boy rapper.
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  22. lakeshore

    lakeshore Trail Blazer

    Thanks ,worth fiver. Getting one good tip/trip is worth it
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  23. slovhike

    slovhike Thru Hiker

    Waiting on green to appear;)
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  24. Ken T.

    Ken T. Section Hiker

    Clicked the link and nothing. What now?
  25. Diddi

    Diddi Thru Hiker

    You've turned green thYIQAMX11.jpg

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