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    Insulated over trousers come into their own in dry climates at high altitude, where the temperatures plummet as the sun sinks and you're often setting off on pre-sun cold mornings. For that, I recommend not full length (the bottoms can get wet) and full length zips so they're easy to remove (their big advantage over long johns).
    Mountain Equipment 3/4 Compressor Pant are good for synthetic ones though Bozena's are Primaloft, not Polarloft, and the Women's version is no longer on their website. I have a pair of Pajak Ghost Shorts - they actually come to below the knee and add a surprising amount of warmth. They're the only non-full-length down trousers with full zips I know of. Their only downside is the zips are one-way and open from the bottom up so access to the pockets on the trousers underneath is not as easy as it could be.
    For the UK with its rain and its cloud cover lessening the day/night temperature variation, I imagine they'd be useful less often.
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    Good point about contact with wet ground.
    Other make 3/4 down capris - Montbell amongst them
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    The new insulated troos from OMM
    Look versatile.
    Though, like the Montane Prism Pants, a little heavy. But that comes mainly from having full length zips - which is what you need for quick on and offs.

    But not ladies sizes/shapes - sorry.

    I see Mick mentioned the ME compressors too.
    PhD do non zipped - sigma pants.
    Or make your own ?
    My myog insulated trousers are 210g. Zips would make them 250ish I reckon. And not too hard to fit into the build.
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    I forgot to type "with full zips" :) Now added.
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    Useful insight @WilliamC
    Might rattle something up.
    but I'd not discount the tectop.
    compared to the omm trousers
    tectop. Omm
    220g. 275g
    £22. £150-available for 135
    If you just want around camp/sleep system boost they are worth considering.
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    I personally find insulated trousers too niche for me. Usually I wear only normal trousers and a jacket and CCF sit pad keep me happy. If snow camping, once I have stoped shoveling and setting the tent, I will go inside and wear my sleep baselayer under the trousers. If still cold while having dinner I will wear my rain trousers on top.

    For those rare situations were I think I might want more leg insulation ( star gazing, aurora gazing, etc) , I accept the weight penalty and take my fleece pajamas.

    So I just cant justify to myself purchasing another item.
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    I cannot justify spending lots of money on this, that and the lack of women's versions. The shorts idea sounds good, a skirt even better, so I might invest in a jackwolfskin insulated skirt which ticks quite a few boxes. They can also be a foot warmer at night.

    I bought some buffalo teclite pants, but they'll be returned as they are too tight for overlayering and totally the wrong shape for me. Seem very warm tho.
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    Wondering what temps would they see you down to as a sleep system ?
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    60g/m of primaloft?

    well for comparison, Climashield apex is almost as warm per weight (as Primaloft Gold) and 67g/m CS Apex is rated at 11 degrees C by one vendor.

    A warm sleeper might get down lower.
    I personally probably wouldn't want to try lower than 8C with clothes and a good mat n shelter.
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    @Chiseller had on a pair of warm looking over trousers in one of his trip pics. Wonder what those are.

    @cathyjc not sure about those, might just stick with my usual layers for a bit.
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    If they were blue/blue...they're pile pertex and wore them nearly the whole 4 day trip at the weekend. I wore my ME eclipse tights under but I could have managed with shorts .. Walked, hiked and slept in them.
    20181124_194245.jpg 20171227_162051.jpg
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    Glad to see you still have your chair : )
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