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Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by lakeshore, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. lakeshore

    lakeshore Trail Blazer

    Has anyone sourced for a male zip offs that zip off above the knee. I find that when I zip off the zip can rub on the knee and if you roll them up you end up with the bundle rubbing above the knee. I have Ex-officio pants. I have heard female pants solve this but is that so?
    I have hiked a fair bit in the US where shorts and tights are mostly used but then when it warms up you have the issue of taking the pants off to take off the tights .
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  2. Lady Grey

    Lady Grey Thru Hiker

    Just checked that lakeshore IS off the male species.....could have been embarrassed.......
    I like the last sentence....very much....:hungry:
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  3. Max

    Max Ultralighter

    Mesa 11 by Mountain Hardware ,zips off above the knee and super fast drying.
  4. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    People can choose to look..or not as you change; usually not an issue for me as so early in the day that no-one is around (or would wish to ogle) anyway...
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  5. lakeshore

    lakeshore Trail Blazer

    Thanks Max I have ordered some.
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  6. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    The Mesa convertibles have a 9" inseam. A friend has an old (10 years+) pair of MH convertibles with just a 5-6" inseam. Fashions change.

    I wear/prefer shorts with a maximum of 6" inseam. (I usually take them up to less). Don't like them much longer. Must be from growing up in the 70s/80s.

    Anyone know of any shorter convertibles than above? Preferably light nylon like the Mesas.
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  7. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Go on. chaps - try a loincloth - you know you want to - really... :D

    I could even knock you a few up... :rolleyes:

    I have some lovely lightweight, purple paisley nylon from ripstop by the roll - Ooo la! :geek:

    And one size fits (nearly) all :rolleyes:
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  8. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Like you say, people can choose to look, or not, as we disrobe.

    I usually find a steadily returned gaze puts off any sorts inclined to 'lech'.

    Personally I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I'm naked underneath my garments, and just get on with it....

    It's lovely being free of clothes outdoors, if the weather / circumstances are agreeable. :)
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  9. Max

    Max Ultralighter

    @lakeshore I hope you're not looking for the zip offs @Mole is describing. The Mesa's are above the knee but not by much they don't rub tho.
  10. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    You can always use cycling leg or calf warmers.

    I have.

    Just to look that teensy extra-bit ridiculous....
  11. Max

    Max Ultralighter

    @Mole is one of the 118 guys.:facepalm:
  12. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    thats what i do FWC :thumbsup: ...and the gurls hang their heads in shame :)
  13. Lady Grey

    Lady Grey Thru Hiker

    Northumberland beaches good for the final written words..:rolleyes:......esp last week...........:barefoot:and:nailbiting:.....
  14. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Couple of our local beaches too. Very busy last weekend. Swimming is best that way.

    Had to Google that. (Don't have TV). Yep that sort of thing, :couchpotato:
  15. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Well @el, you can hardly blame them for looking.... :oops:

    After all, isn't that what we all go out an about for?

    The appealing* vistas?? :biggrin:

    Sure you added to the Eastern 'allure' with your presence Ms Grey :whistling:

    Must investigate that coastline further....

    *no body needs to go subtracting an e and adding an 'el' OK? :rolleyeses:
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  16. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    One of the oddest thing us humans do is take all our clothes off and then put some different ones on to go swimming :confused:.
    Swimming is best without any clothes :geek:.
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  17. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Hmmn Cathy; odd things that humans do...?
    Wayyyy too numerous to list..

    But in this context, feeling shame at being naked, or ashamed of our bodies in general...

    They are the most marvellous amazing things...

    That allow us to experience, and see, and do amazing stuff..

    Despite our best efforts to generally mistreat them.

    Then we show such gratitude by being dissatisfied with what we've got, and or criticising other people's...

    Bafflement aplenty... :confuseded:
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  18. Ken T.

    Ken T. Section Hiker

    Two kinds, nudes and prudes. Never liked convertible pants. What's with all the pockets?
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  19. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Some are prudes, some have no objection, but are just uncomfortable themselves being exposed. Familiarity dispells discomfort.

    It's a strange society that allows regular depictions of violence to children, but make a taboo of parts of the human body.

    The original 'short' zip offs didn't have room on the leg for the cargo pockets that clutter most now.

    I'll just carry on with my preferred length shorts I think.

    I have a mate who wears blue poly cotton craghopper zipoffs as his daily wear. Unfortunately the faster fading top half means a two-tone effect! The unused lower legs spend their time hanging outside, but never seem to catch up fadewise.
  20. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Only two sorts of body neuroses Ken? :bear:

    Reductionist much, methinks..

    We get given loadsa reasons not to feel comfortable in our own skins - and that way lies a myriad of marketing opportunities. :oops:

    No fan of zip offs not neither... Uncomfortable ridgey bit, and I am guaranteed to lose the detached parts, unless one sports them as spats... :bag:

    Not sure what op meant by women's version being better?

    I personally like long socks pulled up under 3/4 lengths, and of course leg warmers give one endless opportunity for 'Flashdance' recreations... :bag:

    Short shorts, and thigh high stockings.

    You need a bit of 'body con' for that one...:cautious:

    But always remember - no one is obliged to look :)
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  21. Ken T.

    Ken T. Section Hiker

    Just a saying. I'm shy. Did not take part in Hike Naked Day earlier this week.
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  22. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    You might be right re swimming naked, my wife has a wicked welt round here neck from her wet suit from swimming the swoosh yesterday. I'm getting odd looks from people as it looks like shes been throttled!
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  23. Anders Hansen

    Anders Hansen Summit Camper

  24. lakeshore

    lakeshore Trail Blazer

    I await the Mesa pants, every chance I may have not solved the problem, in that their 9inch inseam is more than my existing Ex-Officio pants. I should have checked more closely. However the issue is that the Ex- Officio pants inseam starts about three below my crotch so I think my body is just not the right shape :) I do have some Mountain Hardware shorts that are a decent cut so I might be okay.

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