Any uk suppliers of Silnylon?

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by SafetyThird, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. SafetyThird

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    I'm currently planning to make some water resistant stuff sacs and probably soon a hammock tarp. Is extremtextil the only eu place to sell Silnylon? Would prefer to support uk small businesses where possible. Is 30Denier 40g/m2 the usual lightest stuff to use for this?

    Also, Silnylon vs silpoly, what are the advantages of one over the other. I'm seeing mention of sil poly as having lower abrasion resistant which would probably be an issue for something like a stuff sack that's shoved in and out of packs a lot, would that be right?
  2. SafetyThird

    SafetyThird Section Hiker

    Also, also, is there any difference between grosgrain and any other thin nylon webbing?
  3. Whiteburn

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    Haven't come across any UK outlets for lightweight silnylon, PRO FABRICS sell some mid weight stuff. If I want good quality lightweight stuff I usually buy from US or Extrem.
    I bought a few metres of THIS STUFF from Aliexpress, ~$4 /m & 36g/m2, doesn't appear to be the strongest of fabrics but it does for stuff sacks etc.
    Grosgrain is really a description of the type of weave, generally its relative thin (doesn't grip in buckles well) when compared with webbing, commonly available stuff (eBay) is polyester not nylon but more than adequate strength wise IMO.
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  4. SafetyThird

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    Thanks very much. I think I'll order some Silnylon from EU then and buy enough for some stuff sacks and a tarp.
  5. Shewie

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    Do Pennine Fabrics offer much these days? I wouldn’t know a good sil from bad one though

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